Celebrate A Drugstore Christmas

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Are you frantically looking for last minute gifts for a holiday party, or a white elephant exchange? Many of us will find ourselves running into the local drugstore rushing to find that “perfect” gift for someone we forgot. And that is OK because drugstores carry As seen On TV gifts. Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

For the kitchen: 

  • The eco-friendly OrGreenic Fry Pan (www.orgreenic.com),
  • Flip Jack Pan (www.flipjackpan.com),
  • Stone Wave (www.stonewave.com)

Don’t forget your beauty:

  • 100% non-allergenic and machine washable and dryable MyPillow (www.mypillow.com)
  • PedEgg (www.pedegg.com ) 

Just for giggles:

  • Ideal for pet-free apartments, class room pets, college dorms and senior centers Perfect Polly (www.PerfectPollyPet.com)

Tips to save time and money:

  • Thousands of simple solutions to everyday problems, Who Knew:  10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems (www.whoknewbooks.com
  • Chef Tony’s Great Kitchen Secrets (www.greatkitchensecrets.com )
  • “Hose that Grows” Pocket Hose (www.PocketHose.com)
  • Protect your identity with the waterproof AlumaWallet  (http://www.alumawallet.com/)
  • Perfect for the home Fresh Sticks (www.freshsticks.com) which stays fresh for two years.