Creative Ways To Get Your Kids Moving In The Morning

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Mornings in my household are a sight to be seen. With two kids to get ready for school and 1 toddler who likes to sleep in I have been searching for some creative ways to get my two boys moving a bit faster in the morning. Their regular routine is to wake up, stroll leisurely downstairs, grab a blanket and lay on the couch for another 15-20 minutes while I scramble making their lunches, picking out their clothes, nagging them to brush their teeth and comb their hair, etc…Well no more!!! The past few days I have started packing their lunches the night before, having them pick their clothes out before bed and laying their toothbrushes out as a gentle reminder for them to brush after breakfast. However, I still needed some ideas to get them out of bed quicker and I wanted to make it fun for them so here are some funny ways I have launched them out of their beds this past week:

  •  Put bubble wrap all over their floor while they sleep so that when they stand up it makes a loud popping noise. They startle for a second but then they will have a blast popping all the bubbles. You can buy it here.
  • Stream Opera music from Pandora on my phone and place the phone somewhere where they cannot reach it to turn it off. (Justin Beiber has worked just as well)
  • If the baby is awake I strip her down to her birthday suit and put her on their bed to say “good morning”. They usually get out of bed REAL fast.
  • Take a picture of them in their pajamas and threaten to use it on the blog =)

What are some ways you have gotten your kids out of bed  without a fight in the morning? I’d love to hear them.